Kameel Hawa

Designer . Artist . Sculptor

Kameel Hawa draws, paints, sculpts and designs. He projects words into art pieces, shaping typographic sculptures out of Arabic and Phoenician alphabets. He dabbles with photography, creates books and magazines and experiments with screen prints and other art forms. An auto-didactic artist, he is today best known for his sculptures: the typographic monument of Beirut, the tribute to his Alma mater AUB, and the eight interpretations of the word Fann (Arabic for Art) which have drawn both popular and particular acclaim.
Kameel founded AlMohtaraf some three decades ago, a regional design house famous for combining refined aesthetics with modern design solutions, unfailingly
maintaining a profound continuity with indigenous needs and values.
Kameel has had several solo exhibits in Beirut, Cairo and Kuwait. His last two solo exhibits were held in 2015 at the Saifi Village Gallery 691, and 2019 in Cheriff Tabet Gallery.

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"Tiger from Timbuktu"by John Warren

"Tulip Bay" by Emily Brown

Hansen Fashion

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