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Elgin Coin Club Tokens

During its history, the Elgin Coin Club has issued tokens and other exonumia. Here are the ones I found while looking into the history of the club.

Bicentennial Obverse The first is a 1976 bicentennial 50-cent, aluminum, good for token redeemable at the Elgin American Legion. Bicentennial Reverse

1990 Rolled Cent Obverse The next is a rolled cent issued in 1990. These were struck on various coins. Some were done the 1990 cents, the year of issue and others on 1957 cents, the year the club started. I also had three made from Polish 5 Zlotich coins. 1990 Rolled Cent Reverse 1990 Rolled Cent Reverse

ECC 12th  Annual Coin Show ECC Wooden Nickel Head Generic ECC Wooden Nickel Reverse

This wooden nickel obverse (center) was used with both of the reverses (on the sides). One celebrates the 12th annual Elgin Coin Club show on September 29, 1974. The other generic one probably was issued around the same time.

No other exonumia surfaced before the anniversary meeting. I suspect there are others out there but I did not see any. I seem to remember seeing a large sized wooden nickel once but I didn't see it this time. If you know of any others, I'd like to publish them for the record. I'll take good care of them wile I take their pictures.

Originally published October, 1999.

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