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Do you have a Match? Encounters on the Road to Jerusalem. Germany to Rome in 64 Days: Our Pilgrimage. Walking Life: Meditations on the Pilgrimage of life. Sicily's Historic Coasts. Ethiopia: Travels of a Youth, a memoir of my time in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Money Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics, a book on coin collecting. Axum: Coins and Places, a video on ancient Axum and its coins.

Do you have a Match? | Encounters on the road to Jerusalem | Germany to Rome in 64 Days | Waliking Life
Sicily's Historic Coasts | Ethiopia: Travels of a Youth | Money Meanderings | Axum: Coins and Places

Some other activities and writings.
Our times in India. Our walk from Calif. to Jerusalem Visit our Rome pilgrimage page. Many things about the Camino de Santiago. Writings on many topics. Coin club home pages and coin-related links.

Our times in India | Our walk across America to Jerusalem | Rome pilgrimage | Camino de Santiago | Writings | Coin clubs | eBay auctions

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taken from our book Waliking Life: Meditations on the Pilgrimage of Life.

Welcome to Mike's Works and Words. I have arbitrarily divided this site into three (sometimes overlapping) topics: Writings, Photography, and Coins and coin clubs. The site exists now mainly to host the Elgin and Hillside Coin Clubs, to index many of my writings and photographs, and to support to our now main site, Pilgrimage Creations. As you follow links around this site, you will find yourself being directed from here to Pilgrimage Creations and back here as you sample various things.

Start our with looking at some of these places hosted on both sites:

This web site offers you a little of all of this and more. It is literally my "Works and Words" scattered with a lot of photographs. Use the menu on the left of each page to take you to what you are looking for.

Visit my Where am I page if you are curious where we are these days. We could be just about anywhere on this tiny sphere we call the earth.

So now wander, learn, or just enjoy yourself flying the kite of your thoughts. Have a great day. If you find something we may be able to help you with or just have a comment or suggestion or want to use some of our copyrighted material, click Contact us on any menu.

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Mike Metras
Pilgrim, Writer, Traveler, Wanderer

Note:  I used to offer my services to create web pages, to create newsletters, to do technical writing, and to convert your books to HTML for viewing on your browser. I have not received any requests for those services in a significant time so I have removed them from this site. But I am still very capable of doing all of them and can do that type of work for you if you need the help. If you are interested in any of these services contact me.

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